Full Service
On most cars we charge 2.5 hours plus parts
Interim or small service
A small service has all the same checks on brakes and safety items as a full service but does not include spark plugs or fuel and air filters
Aircon Regas £72
Wheel Alignment
Laser wheel alignment check and adjust


Here at Autodan we offer full and interim services for your car. Plus our full service goes above and beyond the level of most main dealers but at a fraction of the cost.

We only use original (OEM) quality parts so that our services will not invalidate your manufacturer warranty. Using all the latest electronic diagnostic software and hardware (on many different platforms) we can do anything a main dealer can do and, yes, we can reset your service light and stamp your service record too.


Our services follow industry standards and involve pre-engine checks, including checks of lights, airbags, seat belts and washers/wipers. Under the bonnet we will check the cooling and brake systems, as well as fluid levels, power steering, throttle and battery. Spark plugs and filters (air and fuel) will be replaced. Your vehicle will be raised to enable us to change the oil and filter, and check your suspension, wheel bearings, tyres, steering, clutch, exhaust and brake operation.

We will finish by resetting your service indicator interval, updating your service book and making sure we haven’t left any greasy hand prints behind!

For an example of our service checklist click here